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Day 479

Awesome Sex With a Scammer..... My Past Life....

So we're on this dating site, and isn't she a sight to behold: small stature, cute face, lives wtf uptown, but seriously cute.... we agree to meet on a Friday night, and she invites me out to a really nice place where she has a gift certificate, and we enjoy one another's company. She runs some kind of a health center and does nutritional consults, but has no degrees in nutrition - turns out she is more of a restaurant/hospitality worker.

We end up making out in the doorway of this restaurant, and next thing I know, we're in a cab to her place. "I just want to make sure you get home okay," is what I repeat over and over again. I escort her to her apartment, and she says, "yes, just making sure." I end up in her bed and we have a night of some very awesome screwing.

It fell apart a few weeks later; she was kind of one dimensional, and her work seemed fraudulent. Sure enough, she became a nutrition "guru," appeared on Dr. Oz to push a scam diet, and now lives in the 'burbs with her 5th husband...

Oh, the people you sleep with, right?

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