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Day 126

Awful Time with Honeybun's Family (1/2)

Honeybun and I originally planned for date-night to go see Christmas lights at an event near us, which was then taken over by his mother inviting herself and the rest of the family to go along. At first I was frustrated, but Honeybun and I made another plan to go rollerskating the night after for date-night, so I relented.

Saturday was the night to see lights. The awful Uncle that lived with us for a year was there. He still has an alcohol problem, but now he is addicted to mixing alcohol and Xanax. Everyone else went into the event to see the lights and just left Honeybun and I to deal with a stumbling Uncle who was so drugged-up he couldn't walk. I cried, because this night was originally supposed to be for Honeybun and me, and now we were left babysitting a 43-year-old asshole who was high/drunk while everyone else had fun. I ended up calling him an Uber home, and Honeybun's mother came out just long enough to tell him he was no longer welcome around family and shoved him into the Uber car. She tried to console me after, but I was bitter.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 weeks ago

    Oh man, this uncle sounds like he's 43 going on 13. I hope he's out of your lives for good.....

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