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Day 300

Babies first photoshoot

I got some sleep! I got 6 hours sleep and it was amazing.

Got the camera out today and took it into the hospital with us. We waited until closer to feeding time, and then cleaned him up ready to go. Because it was time for food he was awake and eager to please.
I am so happy with what we got. There are some absolutely gorgeous shots of him and us. I can't wait to start editing them.
When going through them on the laptop, we sat beside each other and cuddled in close and whenever a particularly gorgeous photo came up we both squeed and then nuzzled each other for a few minutes lol.
Feeling especially loved up with hubby. We're looking out for each other too, making sure each exasperation is talked through and nothing is left to be stewed over. Both of us are under a lot of both physical and emotional stress with baby in the special care unit. Got to look out for each other.

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