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Day 302

Baby is Home

So much has happened since I last wrote. I managed to sleep, my milk started coming in properly, baby got stronger and stronger and they let him out the SCBU at 35 weeks old! He is my little soldier, he is absolutely amazing. He was weighed last Wednesday and was still under 4 pounds, hopefully he's put loads on in this week at home.
It's unreal having him home. No longer is he this little thing we go visit at a hospital; he is our complete responsibility now. He is so wonderful. It's also terrifying; starting to have trouble settling him down; he's realised he much prefers being held, the cheeky little monkey. He knows he can play his dad for those extra cuddles if he whinges hard enough. I can already can tell the difference between a real cry and a fake one. He hates being undressed, that's the worst thing in the world, and he gets so upset about his wind he practically climbs your shoulder in advance of his burp coming up.
It's still unreal to think this tiny bundle will turn into a person!

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