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Day 444

Back to New Orleans..... Round 4 or 5....

You all probably know about New Orleans - it's America's "Caribbean City" on the mainland, or at least that's what my friend who lives down there claims. I've been there a few times: stopped in when I was 20 and criss crossing the country. Then I came back for a conference, where I just ate gator gumbo, crab pies and more. Another time I was there to do relief and recovery with my kids after the big hurricane hit. My last visit was for a wedding; that was a good old time!

So Sonny asked me if we could go over holiday break; we'll be there a week, and damned if we won't have a good time escaping the cold that's setting in here in Brooklyn, and all the fun stuff that comes with a city like that.

We're good traveling partners, my son and I: we're chill, have a taste for weird adventure, and enjoy the prospect of a good meal followed by a good sleep.

To bad he isn't 21 yet, but there will be plenty of time for him to drink in his life. A few more months won't kill 'em.

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