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Day 80

Bad Customer Feedback

So, I was talking about how the hot weather was affecting my work from home job. Since I'm required to wear a professional outfit (blazer over shirt with collar) when I teach online, it's extra hot. I was sweating yesterday, and I was hoping to God my student did not notice the sweat on my face in the video.

Too bad. She did. And I don't know, I think I may have come off as wanting to end the lesson as soon as possible because she gave me sh*tty ratings for the lesson. We have performance ratings for the job (which can help determine when and if we deserve a raise at some point), and the highest is 5. She gave me 1, 2, and 3 points for the 3 categories of the customer feedback. Which would pull my stats down low.

Sometimes I wish I could buy anything I want whenever I want(who doesn't?). Like airconditioning. It would make my work from home job much more comfortable. :( It's hard to focus while drenched in sweat.

I now have solid ratings to prove the weather is affecting my job.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    27 months ago

    Poor you! It sounds really terrible. What about buying a little fan that you could put behind your computer? Would that help?Or tell the people you are working for you situation and explain that you will wear a smart top but not a jacket. I'm certain that this cannot be fair working conditions. If they want you to wear a jacket then you want them to put air conditioning in for you! ... or gently make that point? Good luck. x

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