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Day 97

Beautiful Mess

Movers came yesterday. Honeybun and I had already moved everything that was in boxes to the new place, so they only had to move the furniture - which we have a lot of. The new place is 15 minutes away from the old; and loading, driving, and unloading took them 2 and 1/2 hours - which was perfect, because that's the exact timeframe I had planned to pay them for. Honeybun jokes that my brain gave me a magic sense of time to make up for my complete lack of directional senses. In any case, I tipped them very well, sent them on their way, and just kind-of basked in the chaos of boxes and disassembled furniture.

We moved Pita last, and she is none too pleased about being temporarily in her tiny, travel tank. She has a heat lamp and her rock to bask on, but we won't be able to set up her big tank until the rest of the bedroom is set up. She will have to be set up in our room, since the complex doesn't allow "exotic" pets without an ESA letter. Silly - what damage could a bearded dragon do?

Pita is a dragon in hiding.

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