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Day 777

Beautiful York

We’ve been away for a couple of days for Beloved’s 65th birthday. A beautiful time in York, although I wasn’t as happy, kind and giving as I should have been. He has a cold and insomnia and both nights it felt as though he woke me up a lot and I was annoyed with him. He is very slow at walking. He walks with a limp. He can’t hold my hand because his step is so lurching. It upsets me. He calls me to slow down. He was so tired on Monday he asked to go back to the hotel and sleep at midday. I told him he must go on otherwise he would not sleep for a second night. He did and all was well. We went to Jorvik which Beloved loves, we went to York Minster, Beloved returned to Yorvik and and I went shopping, we had a sauna with the Archbishop of York! and a good supper in the town.

Now I am back home, having picked Ma up from James' on the way. His welcome of her was extraordinary: utterly exclusive and concentrated. He is like her lover, so attentive, his hand on her knee.

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