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Day 726

Because it's been a hard year and I want....

to be taken care of.....

I'm spending a bundle (actually, it's not that big a bundle when you consider that in the span of a week I lost nearly $100,000 in the stock market, then recovered about half back in a single day....) to go to a retreat center in Massachusetts.

For 4 days I will not have to cook a meal, clean a dish, shop for food, wash a toilet, clean an article of clothing, leave for an appointment, make an appointment, answer a question, pay a bill, take out the garbage cans, bring in the garbage cans, walk to the subway, walk home from the subway, clean a floor, wipe off a counter, make a bed, vacuum or wash. I won't even have to take a shower, leave my room, or get out of bed, for that matter.

I'll dealt with all sorts of shit for the past year+, and now I'm taking 4 days to just abandon it all. I did it all: I did the treatments, took care of my home, my body, my work, my everything.

For four days, I'm going to turn it over to other people, while I read, draw, play, think, dance, eat and play.

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