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Day 460

because the waiting is the hardest part....

I haven't seen CanCan Gal in almost a week.... she had her kids over the weekend and during the week. She strongly suggested I come over Thursday night, which I will do, accompanied by flowers (because I'm a guest at her home) and some dollar avocados, and maybe a few other goodies, because she works hard and darn well deserves to be treated right.....

.... and then Saturday we're going to go up the Hudson and hang out somewhere, a day-long date together, and then Saturday night, I'll accompany her to a reading.... and maybe a sleepover, our first?

.... and she's already invited me for Sunday evening, because Monday's a holiday and neither of us have to work.... another sleepover?

.... and then there's a book reading of a friend, and then the ballet together (because I love dance of all kinds, and she still practices ballet at home....)

.... and we're still a bit unsure of how much this has in the way of legs. It's funny how I go over her profile and see more and more things that I like: "anything Monty Python" is tucked in there, and what makes you think she's a newt?

I think this may have "legs!"

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  • Otter Otter
    8 months ago

    They do say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" ;) I'm sure it will be a very sweet reunion on Thursday night! So happy for you, RavDiablo!!

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