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Day 642

Beginning to see the light....

The light has been there all along, but with only 2 more times on the table, and 45 days of hormone tablets, well, it just keeps getting brighter and brighter.....

.... and oddly enough, this should be the most difficult week for me, because of the accumulated doses of radiation in my body, but I'm feeling strong.... and I slept a solid 6 hours last night, something I haven't done in the last 4 months.....

I spent tonight making chocolate truffles with triple sec for the crew at the lab. I have little boxes for them to go in - each one says "Thank you!" followed by my name and birthdate, a joke because they would ask me that before I went into the machine each time...... it also says, "Save a life, save a world...."

My daughter also sent them a "Danish Kringle," which is an enormous sweet pastry they make in Wisconsin and ship around the country. She had an inscription written on the card, "thanks for taking such good care of my dad" and signed by her and her siblings. It's going to arrive sometime on Friday, my last day.

Cue "New Morning" by Bob Dylan.....

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  • Otter Otter
    3 months ago

    I'm gonna need that recipe for boozy chocolate truffles, Rav. They sound like the perfect gift! lol. I'm sure the crew will love them and the Danish Kringle.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Ah, you are a man! Your posts are so well written and sensitive, I thought it was a girl there. PS .: That was totally a compliment :)

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