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Day 128

Begone, Flu!

Christmas in Louisiana with my family was great. They are a boisterous, fun, absolutely loving legion, and it was the recharge I needed. However, my poor mom's normally high blood-pressure suddenly dropped drastically on Christmas day, and she collapsed onto the nearest couch. We have people in every field in our family, and thankfully the nurses in our family were there. One aunt took her blood-pressure (60/40!), and a cousin explained that her pulse was so weak it was almost nonexistent. Dad and I wanted to take her to the hospital, but were told it was better to keep her where she was, since the hospitals are always full on Christmas. They propped her feet up, and I began making her take sips of water. My mother hates water - and we believe her constant dehydration caused the drop. Turns out she also had the flu, which turned into walking-pneumonia. She's fine now, and she's at the doctor's this morning. I'm still worried about her though.

I caught her flu that same day and have been miserable ever since. I'm finally well enough to come to work today, but I'm still a snotty, coughing mess.

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