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Day 597

Being a sister, daughter, mother

A loving Christmas card arrived for Ma from Teddy. He didn’t include me on the card. I guess I’m nothing to him now that I’ve been the one to ask about putting W’s rent up. Beloved tells me that Teddy still might send me a card. I have presents and a card for Teddy and his family. Keeping on the moral high ground. Ma said she doesn’t want to stay with them. It’s unfamiliar territory for her. But I need their help and they will look after her nicely. Ma feels she is surrounded by strangers there and she is so fragile and afraid. Still, they will be more gentle with her than I am, I’m sure.

Often I do things for her because I have to and I feel resentment. Then I do them and feel better. Eg. taking her for a walk today and watching TV this evening. At least she appreciates me which is more than my children do.

Both of them told me to #### off just now. I made a nice supper and invited Tiggy Winkle over. The only time we eat together is when Tiggy Winkle comes over. Even so Apple and Peachy fell out.

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