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Day 93

Being Alone is better now

I feared being alone most of my life. In fact, that may be THE REASON why I've had so many friends most of my life. I joined the Navy right out of high school. I've been around non-related people most of my life. I was always fearful of being alone. I ignored restaurants and theaters by myself.

But, years later I was single again. And, it dawned on me. When I'm at a restaurant eating at a table with several friends, I'm always on edge feeling that I NEED to entertain others and enjoy each other's company. I'm always feeling like I NEED to listen to everyone's stories, complaints, etc. Often I end up consoling (friends) as they tackle a stressful LIFE, in general.

Why did it take so many years for me to realize that I'm the best friend anyone could have? I'm the kindest, most entertaining and exciting person I know. I was always the friend at the center of everything planned.

Then it hit me at a small dinner party. I planned everything. I invited everyone. I am sitting there at the table visiting friends and am COMPLETELY LONELY.

Once you realize that others around you are only sucking the life

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    4 months ago

    OOPS, didn't get to finish:

    Once you realize that others around you are only sucking the life out of you for their own entertainment, you begin to want to do more things alone. I now love walks by myself, drives around the country alone, simply being alone is so relaxing to me.

    One of my favorite things to do now is be with myself. I don't need someone to talk to because most of them have a fraction of my lovable personality. Most of them have barely anything interesting to share. Most of them only need support or care. Most of them need something from you. I'm done.

    I love being alone now and prefer it to some dullard running their mouth about ignorance & selfishness

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