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Day 678

Being Productive Even When We're Not...

We three, alone in a house up in the woods. Daughter28 brought along a 1,000 piece puzzle, fearing that we might experience boredom in one another's company, or that we might retreat to our devices and books. It was a great idea: we listened to assorted playlists of songs which I knew from growing up in the 60s and 70s, while we focused our collective attention on this insanely difficult puzzle.

Along the way we cooked wonderful food, sipped strong coffee and cheap reds, watched "The Irishman" in three separate sittings, and even went out on Xmas day to do the traditional Jewish observance: see a movie and eat Chinese food.

My kids, I can't say I'm proud of them, because they made themselves what they are, with some help from their mother and me. What I can say is that I enjoy spending time with them: they're not perfect, but I can see why they have close friends and are capable of intimate relationships. They are just "good people" - they are generous and kind to others, they are interested in the world, and in general, they get shit done. And I deeply love them for who they are.....

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  • Otter Otter
    4 weeks ago

    That sounds like a wonderful holiday! I'm glad the three of you got to spend some quality time together. I haven't done a puzzle in so long! You've made me itch to find one.

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