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Day 344

Blustery Blighty

As our baby howled in the back room last night, the front of the house was buffeted by the winds and rain of Strom Ciara. We seemed to get the worst of it overnight. The dog beach walk got put off until late morning due to a high tide and uncertainty over the weather.

We all went, myself with baby, my parents and grandparents with the 3 dogs. It was a bit of n extreme walk, but it blew away some cobwebs! I had babba strapped to my back, the new way we are carrying him in the papoose and he was loving life. He even fell asleep against my back before we got back to the car.

Our reward of a cafe stop was well earned. Baby and I shared a toasted teacake and he really seemed to enjoy the soft squishy raisins in the sweet bread. I certainly did. And the cup of tea that went with it was good for my entire being - dark, tannin-y tea.

Gave husband a big hug when we got back and took babba on a walk in his pram for a proper sleep. Let's see how he does tonight!

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