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Day 18

Breaking up ...

25 years ago, my relationship with my girlfriend was on the rocks. We both still adored each other, but she flirted with others when I was away at university, and I couldn't cope with this. We decided we would split.

I was gutted. She wasn't just my girlfriend, but my best friend too. I believed no-one would ever love me like she had. When I got back to my room I felt empty, so decided to write her a thank you letter.

Although we had parted on a negative, most of our relationship had been an overwhelming positive. I thanked her for bringing me out of my shell, for training me to be a boyfriend, for the walks and experiences we had had, for the intimate times we had spent together. I told her she was beautiful, and that a part of me would always love her.

It was comforting to me to write the letter, but unfortunately she couldn't bring herself to read it. She has since regularly told me she wishes she had. If it ever happens again I will write another thank you letter, but this time I will keep a copy!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    61 months ago

    aw :( i want to cry after reading this :(

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    61 months ago

    Nice guy even to the know she was flirting to make you want her more. ...

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