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Day 161

Breathe in Strength - Exhale Bullshit

After yesterday, I'd listened to the above meditation several times on my way home. Apologies for all the swearing, but it really did feel good to scream "F#ck thaaaaaaat!" a few times in the car. Catharsis is a hell of a drug. Haha!

Thankfully, this simple meditation helped me to turn my day back around. I called my parents and explained I would not be able to see their friend play, as a band Honeybun and I enjoy is in town for Mardi Gras, and I'd like to attend. They were okay once I explained I'd see their friend another time. Not to mention I have a Farewell Happy Hour for a coworker tonight before the concert.

I went upstairs to see my Best Friend and her boyfriend - and we played a board-game called Villainous - it's based on Disney villains. It's actually very fun and challenging! I enjoyed playing as Hades (The cartoon version from Disney's "Hercules"), and it got my mind off the petty events of the day.

I get free drinks at a bar with coworkers tonight and get to see a concert with friends and Honeybun after. Today is looking like a better day.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 weeks ago

    Just love this video: "let that fucking bullshit float away..." I should have this on an endless loop somedays.....

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