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Day 75


I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon when it comes to posting here. The word limitation is always an issue for me. I start writing, stream of consciousness style, trying to convey what’s going through my head and my heart. I invariably run out of words before I’m done. That causes me to go back and edit... I read what I’ve written and delete extraneous tidbits, digest the salient details, trim, edit.

I’m surprised how often my final post doesn’t really represent what my original intent was. The editing makes me really analyze what’s going on. I realize that what I thought was important was not really the root of the experience. It’s a form of therapy for me in a way. It makes me see facts as well as emotion.

Going back and rereading old posts is also therapeutic. When I revisit the pain I was in a couple of months ago it solidifies my resolve to move forward, and helps soothe the hurt of giving up. It helps me see that I deserve so much more, I deserve to be with someone who treats me so much better.

So thank you Pencourage, and dear readers, for being there.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    11 months ago

    Yes looking back really does make you see how much you have moved forward
    Theraputic like you say Miranda
    Carry on writing , I love reading your journey

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