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Day 340

Brighton Sea Life and Dirty Pours

Today was incredible!
Luke and I went to Brighton Sea Life Centre and bought 2020 passes so we can go every time we had into town if we want to.
It was so cool in there, I LOVED the tunnel under the shark tank. It was exquisite watching the turtles from under the floor. Beautiful.

We walked past an outdoorsy kind of supply shop with a black Harley Davidson outside it, parked. My throat tightened, wondering if Josling was inside. Is this where he works now? I dunno, I didn't hang around to find out.

Luke and I went to get some Belgium chips (our new favourite) it's great because nearly everything on the menu is vegan!
We had such a great time in Brighton, and the fun didn't stop there - when we got back home, I bust out my painting supplies and began pouring paint. Luke hasn't seen it done before so I was happy to show him. I'm still learning the technique myself so it's a little trial and elimination, but hey ho. It's lots of fun and I'm planning on big things with my pours.

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