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Day 709


Buddy mentioned my bad relationship with James but said it was difficult for him because he didn’t want to be a go between. He loved us both. I hastily said that we wouldn’t talk about James. I regret that. I should ask what James’ beef is with me as it would help me to understand where I’m going wrong. I have no idea why he is so frosty towards me. Must ask Buddy tomorrow.

Buddy said he would take off to London on Wednesday and not return until September. I said that wasn’t good enough. He has agreed to return on Friday. He leaves for Holland on Sunday. He can take Ma out for the day on Saturday. He should. He has all the time in the world to please himself so he can take a bit of time to help me with Ma.

But we are getting along so well that he even suggested we holiday together next summer! Amazing. I never thought he would want to holiday again with me since I visited him 10 years ago and he hated me by the end of the two weeks I was with him. I never understood why.

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