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Day 712

Buddy returns

Buddy returned to our home at my request which was good of him, and right. Turns out he’d been pootling about London walking around, shopping a bit, looking at the sights, enjoying the salad bars and had settled down to watch the series The Deep Sea for a solid six hours. He had left here to go and have a nice time on his own. He’s used to living alone so it’s hard on him to be stuck with the family in our little house. He needed time out. Okay. But it was good to have him back.

He spent the evening with Ma while Beloved and I went out for supper at A and Js’. I didn’t enjoy the evening. A and Beloved had a big debate about Brexit. She wants to leave with a deal. Beloved is okay to leave without. I don’t know. What’s the point of going on about it when we have no power to do anything about it. I can see both points of view. Made me feel inadequate not having a strong opinion. Everyone else seems certain they know what’s best. No one knows until it happens.

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