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Day 708


It’s a bit tense between me and Buddy. It ended badly last night. We were talking about N. I listened and that’s all I should do, but I said, ‘well, it’s a question of your conscience.’ He quickly said good night and left me on that note. Oops.

This morning he said how young I look. I could be 30. He’s being nice to me. That makes me feel guilty. Maybe I’m not being nice enough to him. I have asked him to take Ma to Down House, Darwin’s home, but I don’t go with them. I go for a lovely walk with Peachy and Apple instead. I explain to Buddy how important it is to keep Ma active and he understands. He is not a carer by any stretch. He has been letting her sit and eat too much. When I looked in the dishwasher I saw four tablets at the bottom of it all neatly wrapped up. He hadn’t taken the wrappers off so only water had been washing the plates. Didn’t do too bad a job. But it shows just how limited his domestic abilities are. Tonight he ironed his shirts. First time in a year.

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