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Day 425

Catfished.... again.....

She had nice photos, but lived a ways away. But she named "Casablanca" as her favorite movie that she watched over and over again. So I sent her an opening line, "of all the gin joints in the world, she had to walk into mine..." and we went back and forth, escalated it to texting, and last night we had a date...

But I did my "homework," so I knew it was potentially a "catfishing" situation. No doubt she lied about her age, and the photos she posted were on Facebook, which showed them to be 8 years old...

So I wasn't surprised when she showed up for dinner and she looked a lot older than her photos. She was funny and animated, but I have to say, there's a certain kind of arrogance that I don't like. I know "mansplaining" is an annoying thing, and I've been working hard to reduce my propensity to engage in it.

But there has to be something on the other side: she "splained" a lot to me, always repeating my name, "Rav, you have to understand....." or "You see, Rav....." and it was annoying.

She was also tiny. I mean, t i n y.


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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    8 months ago

    Nothing ventured
    Nothing gained
    Life's experience is what it is all about
    Something to laugh about in your Rocker if the brain holds out

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