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Day 678


‘I don’t have many friends,’ I say a bit sadly to Beloved.
‘It’s because you’re not a nice person. You’re not a good friend. You talk badly about all your friends. I don’t think you really want them as friends.’
I look at him. ‘I’m not nasty to their face. They don’t know I’m not a good friend. I’m perfectly nice to them.’

I introduce Beloved to the walking group. This is my husband. ‘Lucky man,’ says a man whose name I cannot remember. I am pleased. We walk were there might be cows.’There are three men here who would protect you if there are any cows.’ It is the same man whose name I can’t remember. Again, I am flattered.

Beloved and chatty SF talk about her time living in China. It’s interesting that she really enjoyed her time living there for two years. She said that the community spirit is strong and if one of the people in a village is struggling the others look after them. Beloved points out that they are looking after their Muslim community very well, giving them a total ‘re-education’ and a prison to live in. S skips away with her little dog.

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