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Day 78

Christmas - Surprising Turn of Events

Last spoke with parents on Father's & Mother's Days respectively. Father is total Trump supporter. Mother is always praying for everyone, and reminds me she's no longer embarrassed by my sexuality even though the bible says it's wrong. Nonetheless, I wasn't planning on speaking to them for an eternity, and before I know it I'm on the phone with both of them on Christmas. Dementia is setting in for my mother. She is even showing up to work on days she's not scheduled to work. It's especially sad for me because I know it means there will be no regrets, apologies, or remembering the unkind words spoken to me during our last visit with each other. As usual, I will be the bigger person and walk away insulted, scarred and neglected. Why should parents accept their child for how they were born? I realize they will most likely both pass without one honest word of acceptance of who I really am. I can't be any kinder and more neglecting of my own feelings. But, I also could NOT treat my child the way they've treated me because I'm gay.

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