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Day 589

Christmas politics

We went to the local Christmas market in the evening. The first stall we came to was selling Christmas hampers. I have my eye out for presents for Teddy and James from Ma. It is important they are kept on side with regards to her. We will need their help in the years to come. James deserves gifts because he really does make an effort on Ma’s behalf. Teddy does not. He does the minimum in terms of keeping in touch, calling her once a week for 15 minutes and talking all about himself. He comes for lunch once every three months. The last time he had Ma to his home was in July. He has invited her for three nights in December. Invitations depend upon Elizabeth because Teddy is working, and Ma and she have never had a relationship at best, and a bad one at worst. But we must keep up appearances. Ma insists we keep the £70 price tag on when we give it to them. We actually haggled the price down to £40.

The next stall was a psychic stall. My tarot reading was wonderfully good. Spurious it may be, but it made me happy.

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