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Day 725

Climbing out of the hole....

before falling into another hole.

Today I walked nearly a mile without squatting or sitting down to rest. I went from subway exit to pharmacy, picked up script, walked down the hill towards my house, stopped at market for eggs and mayo, stopped at bank machine to pick up some money, then got home, put away some stuff, and made lunch.

I posted a map of my route, commenting that this was the longest I'd walked in the last 5 weeks. A friend replied, "Glad you are better. What did you do to heal up. I am having some trouble with what might be the same."

I went to the doctor and he prescribed percocet, which got me 4 hours of sleep, before I woke up in pain and took 3 ibuprofens, which wore off about 4 hours later, at which time I took naproxin.

I also go to physical therapy twice a week, use an electric massager on my back, leg and foot, do exercises for 30 minutes every morning, lie on a heating pad, ride a bicycle, swim, go to yoga class, take lots of ibuprofen, squat on the ground, sleep on my side....

and I'm still not finished. But I'm progressing.

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