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Day 2

Coming in with a bang pt 2

don't get me wrong, my mother isn't a hellish demon with no good points.
She's done a lot for me in the past, the main thing being raising my autistic daughter when i couldn't (due to autism/anxiety/depression).
But she uses this fact as a club to beat me with everytime i try to call her out on her behaviour towards me.
"You're so ungrateful.." i get told "iv'e done so much for you..and all you do is complain..." "You're autistic, the way you percieve things isn't always the way they are"

My daughter is fifteen. Despite not bonding at birth, now we're extremely close. I have her every Friday night and Saturday. I cherish that time with her, as i lost so much of it when she was growing up.

Tonight, in a whispered phonecall at 10.45pm (I've been told i'm not allowed to speak to her at night. It's one of a list of things), my daughter told me that my mother is taking her on holiday in ten days time which means i'm losing two weekends with her.
My mother has neither informed or consulted me and once again i am made to feel like i am 'less than'.

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