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Day 80

Controlling your emotions/feelings will help you

My light bulb may have finally come on in regards to controlling my emotions & feelings. This is such a discovery for me that it excites me enough to share. I've spent most of my life being the super nice guy, always wearing his feelings on his sleeve, always experiencing the hurtful things others do, and almost always unhappy with how others treat me. I've actually grown more to hate humans in the last 2-3 years than I've ever experienced in my life.

Depression, anxiety, hatred, stress, all of it is in our minds. I might be depressed because my own mother said, "I've embarrassed her and the bible says it's wrong." I might be angry because my own brother told me to "#### off" in (12) uniquely different FB posts. I might still resent my father for not speaking to me for 2 years after coming out gay.

BUT, my co-workers, my friends I've made from strangers, my colleagues, and almost everyone else besides my family have treated me fairly decent in comparison. They truly all miss me very much and love my company.

If you can't treat me as well as any co-worker does, goodbye from my feelings.

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