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Day 734

Corona Virus Diaries: Day 5 - Bullshit

So the mayor of NYC, the honorable Bill DiBlasio (who is a former neighbor of mine and I see at the Y a lot) has declared a state of emergency and pledged to keep the subway running, the schools open and the medical facilities under control. I agree with two of the three: there's no reason to keep schools open.

Today I tried to break up the impending isolation that is to come, because we're still in the early stages of this insanity: I FaceTimed with NewGal, as well as with a colleague from school. We're still drinking our morning coffee and trying to figure it all out, but it's limbo, so we continue on with our lives.

I've picked out three photos that illustrate some of the things going on here in NYC. The first is the empty freezer case at the Whole Foods in downtown Brooklyn. There is plenty of food to be had, but it sure is strange the kind of things that disappear completely.

The second photo is a bullshit text that was sent around trying to scare people. My daughter showed it to me, and since I know bullshit, I calmed her down.

The third is good advice....

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