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Day 730

Corona Virus Diary.... A day in "Ground Zero"

I woke up this morning, listened to some more news which does nothing more than fan the flame of hysteria across the city. Schools are closing, events canceled. But my school is still open, and a reassuring email from the director was waiting in my inbox.

I drank my morning coffee, made breakfast, texted with NewGirl, who is in Cleveland attending to her terminally ill dad. I read a chapter of Pynchon, meditated on Rilke, cleaned the dishes, took a shower and got dressed.

I went to physical therapy, but was turned away due to some sort of bullshit "clerical error." Instead, I went to the gym, worked on the machines and did some work on my core. I also went to my favorite bagel place and bought my usual dozen to cut and freeze.

I went home to make lunch, started on paperwork to refinance my mortgage (rates have never been lower!), took a nice nap.

Went into Manhattan to see my private tutoring students, stopped off at Fairway because I was hankering for some home cooked burgers, went home, made two and then watched some tv.

It all seems like such a normal day when you don't go nutzo listening to the news.

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