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Day 819

Coronavirus Chronicle 2

I am fizzing. I’ve driven over 1,000 miles in the last three days in order to bring our boys back from university. One from Edinburgh and the other from Norwich. I drove alone because Beloved had a cough and we wanted to keep risks to a minimum. I had to get them back home before the lock down. On Saturday night I drove through the blackness, sleeping an hour here and there, rocked by lorries as they rushed past. We only spent 45 minutes packing up Owl's room and hoovering it. Did the same with Sunny today in Norwich.

Ma has had a two weeks’ notice to leave from her care home. They don’t take dementia patients. She became fractious and now she must move to another home without the support of her family in these dangerous times. I am devastated.

Last week we feared Beloved might have the virus because of his cough. Not being able to test him we isolated ourselves. It is an enormous relief to find that he is feeling better. It is as though Death whispered in our ears. Beloved had leukaemia 25 years ago. Sunny is asthmatic and has allergies. I am 53 and frightened.

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