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Day 817

Coronavirus Chronicle

After almost two years of hard study Peachy has had her A levels cancelled. Today was her very last day of school. She is sad knowing that she is closing the door on her childhood. She is almost sure to go to her chosen university. Excitement and hope grip her even as she looks back over her shoulder.

Apple will be taking exams on his computer on Monday. He is supposed to be revising. I find him playing Minecraft with his friends every time I enter his bedroom. I ask him to join us for walks or bicycle rides but he prefers to play with his friends on the computer. He goes off into town on his own from time to time. He is almost 17 and wants to lead his own life.

Beloved and I were supposed to be going away on Monday. Like everyone else’s trips abroad ours has been cancelled. We had thought we wouldn’t go only two weeks ago. On Monday that decision was taken out of our hands. We will be glad to be in Britain.

Soon we will all be home with nowhere to go.

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