Day 2

Could Donald Trump Start World War III (Part 3)

As I postulated in Part 1, does the exit from the US Nucleur Proliferation deal with Russia signal a President finally willing to stand up to election fraud, the support of the Assad Regime, and the overall criminal misbehavior of Russia and the annexation of Crimea? Hardly.

Fear has clearly become a regular tactic used by a President and expert on using "The Art of the Fear" to generate outcomes he is hell bent on achieving. For example, sending 3,000 troops to the Southern border, a public display he has now ratcheted up twice in as many months. And all for the protection against a sudden extremist CARAVAN of immigrants.

If Trump can present the border as a crisis and feed visuals from the Fox's mouth direct to his sheeple, he will have "just cause" to declare a national emergency on Feb 4th at The State of the Union (tonight).

Even the GOP's most hawkish have refused a Saudi arms deal following the murder of journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. But Trump says "If we don't sell the arms to the Saudis the Russians will". And what's it take to get an elephant to roll over? Perhaps an exit from the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

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