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Day 63

Crash and Burn - In More Ways Than One

On Easter, when everyone (including Bear) found out Raven had been cheating, Bear hopped on a dirt-bike and Honeybun tried to teach him to ride it. Bear had never ridden before, so it didn't take long for him to fall off and fracture his knee cap.

Yesterday Bear had to go to the hospital again, and in one day the poor guy got bad news all around: His fracture had gotten worse, he is suffering internal bleeding in his knee now, and he can no longer walk until fully healed. Since he can't walk, he can't work (he's the only one with a job [hourly pay]. Raven is a "stay at home" wife/mother). AND, for the cherry on top, he finds out that Raven has been cheating with not one, but FOUR guys, and one of them was a friend of his.

The poor guy is a wreck. He can't go to work, and he's stuck at home with his wife who is a cheater with no job who refuses to cook because she "doesn't know how" even though we've all offered to teach her, and she refuses to watch over their child.

Honeybun and I are giving them their space for now.

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