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Day 142

Dancing in the Kitchen

Honeybun had a great day at work yesterday. When I got home, he was all smiles, excitable, and SO full of energy. He couldn't wait to tell me about his day, and I couldn't wait to listen. His manager takes so much pride in him, his coworkers adore him, and the customers all commented on his shining personality. His genuine happiness was contagious last night. He was playing silly songs from our teenage-years on his stereo and (literally) climbing the walls. He's an avid climber and can fly up trees faster than I've ever imagined possible - He's very agile and much stronger than his slim appearance portrays. I was a bit nervous that he'd knock a picture off the wall or damage the ceiling, but he was so energetic that it was hard not to laugh. Headstands and walking on his hands. He couldn't seem to burn the energy! Finally he flew into the kitchen where I was making dinner, swooped me into his arms, and started to dance.

I've always loved dancing, but he's always been shy about it. He doesn't feel confident in his moves. However, last night he was energized and swept me off my feet.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 weeks ago

    Oh, that does sound lovely; I've danced (and even more) in many kitchens. And maybe many more....

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