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Day 39


I had a Daughter when I was 20 her Father left me /but hey no love lost there
My Mother brought her Friend ( A Nurse ) round to the house she said she would love to adopt her.
Once she left I had a discussion with My Mother and decided to keep her
Well wind forward 38 years she has caused me nothing but Grief and trouble. Lying, Stealing, trying to embezel money from me . Her step father adopted her and although strict took her on like his own.
She is not a nice person Oh how I hate to say that about my own daughter .
I am now cutting her from my life before she fleeces us in our old vulnerable age
I wish I had given her up as a Baby ... Do not judge me until you walk in my shoes...
We have had enough she has a partner now who has threatened to beat my husband * her step dad) up
It is all about money
I know I will miss my beautiful Grandaughter
But I have no choice left

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