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Day 178

Day 3 of "Social Distancing"

Working from home has been lovely - mostly because I'm not staying idle when I don't have a task to complete. I've been starting my mornings with yoga and then sitting outside on my tiny patio for breakfast. When I don't have a task to complete during my "work hours" I clean, I study a new skill, or I write in my journal. Honeybun comes back from work at 1:30, and he sits next to me for the last of my work day. We'll watch a movie together (pausing whenever I need to answer a call or perform a task) or just talk about life until 5:00. Then I shut down my laptop, and we'll cook dinner together, play boardgames, or go for a walk around the apartment complex.

He picked up the last of the supplies we'll need in the case of a mandatory quarantine, and even got me two little plants: Parsley & Oregano. I'm not very good at gardening, but hopefully I'll be able to keep them as happy as my chives and aloe vera. No luck finding seeds to plant for our dragon's greens, but the hoarders have started leaving produce alone - greens are plentiful again.

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