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Day 68

Day 69... I like ;)

It took me 47 years to learn boundaries. I've been too empathic and not arrogant enough my entire life. I'm the male version of Mother Theresa, but a hardcore Athiest. I believe in 'Avatar' like senses with everything in the universe. Somehow my humor and love defended me against most bullying before it became popular today.

Why does the Universe resemble your central nervous system and cerebral cortex?

What separates humans from most other living creatures is their ability to hate and love. Of course, what we hate is typically something we once loved.

FYI: I believe all beings in the Universe live on our planet. We can't see them because of one thing that almost everyone hasn't considered. TIME. It's the only factor in all formulas that makes sense. Gravity, Time and atomic make-up of beings can allow them to sit right next to you. A short period of 10 seconds for me could be a 3 month period for other beings from other universes.

Sitting next to and talking to your passed grandmother; not so unbelievable.

We haven't researched feeling LOVE enough. It separates us from most. Our emotions connected to weather landscape and sun?

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