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Day 697

Day Five: Kegalle

I had a yoga lesson with Apple this morning at 8 o’clock " fancy that " Apple getting up just for me! I was touched. As I was by Sunny yesterday. The two biggest sleepers in ever. Definitely a good way to start the morning, stretching beside the jungle, listening to the water fall and birds call.

After breakfast we had a cooking lesson. I love the food here. I have never eaten meals so delicious. I was very glad to learn how to make them.

Then we had a tour of the tea factory. It had been built in 1930 and hadn’t been updated since, apart from one Chinese piece of technology which helps with the sorting of the leaves. It was hot, dusty, aromatic. Mangy dogs greeted us, the whole wobbly corrugated building was cloaked in spider webs, a big log pile sweated next to the factory " the fuel used to fire the furnace that provided the heat and fans for drying the tea. Old women carried vast baskets of leaves and spread them on shaking iron nets above tunnels of hot air. Down stairs the tea was sorted by funnels and more vibrating lines of nets.

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