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Day 705

Day four, breaking point

We made our way into the uplands, the rolling countryside of the wall at long last. Beloved was in great pain and walked most of the way on the road. He came up onto the hill to see a Roman fort. Brave, on bloodied feet. And then he tried to continue with us. Peachy and Apple became impatient and went on ahead. Beloved shuffled on and I behind him with increasing resentment. Beloved was in pain and angry himself. I thought, how on earth are we going to get through four more days like this? Am I to follow behind him at one mile an hour on the road for the rest of our days up here? Why couldn’t he have prepared himself better? Why didn’t he join me for my walking days? Why hadn’t he made sure of his blister pads? All of no use and self righteous. He was injured and it affected all of us.

That night we all saw how raw his feet were and finally Apple said he thought Beloved shouldn’t go on. He hadn’t said this before and it came as a relief to Beloved, he had permission to stop.

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