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Day 696

Day four: Kandy

We (Beloved, Owl, Sunny and I) had a yoga lesson at 7 this morning! Lots of stretching exercises. We were on the edge of the jungle and surrounded by all the caws and clicks of the animals around. Very peaceful.

We had a good morning visiting The Tooth Temple in Kandy. All the Sri Lankans were dressed in white, the colour of religious devotion, and mourning. Senath said this temple was the most visited tourist destination in the world. ‘Where are the tourists?’ Peachy wondered. There was only a handful tourists there.

Then to the market place where some of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sunny got a couple of shirts for his festival. Peachy and I got some floaty trousers and a skirt each, and Peachy got a bag for her books next term.

The Botanical Garden was next. It was great: giant trees, avenues of tall tall palm trees, fast growing bamboo groves, cannon ball trees, balloon flowers of yellow, cactus, frangipani, acanthus, and acacia trees. So many shades and shapes, heights and widths. I, Peachy and Sunny loved it. The others less so. We went in a buggy because none of them could be bothered to walk.

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