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Day 698

Day Six: Train journey to Ella

We took the train from Kandy to Ella but part of the way. A beautiful ride. It took a further two and a half hours by car after the three and a half hour train journey to get to the hotel. During the train journey Owl didn’t get up from his seat once to look at the view through the open door way. He has his eyes closed most of the time in the van. Yesterday he said that the lack of exercise was making him feel weak, as though he had the flu. He's addicted to exercise and the academic struggle. If he is not doing those two things he must be getting very drunk or high. There’s no in-between.

It’s difficult sitting next to him at supper, knowing he doesn’t want to be there and that he feels he must be grateful and polite. He is floating away from me and I can’t stop him. It’s the way it has to be. The same with Sunny. At their age I was like them. I wanted to be free and away. I was grumpy and difficult too. I yearned for independence. It’s the way it is.

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