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Day 695

Day three: Dambulla Rock Temple

Five temples made out of caves and devoted to Buddha. Buddha was represented 160 times. Impressive, but then less so as you go down the caves and see the same image again and again. The place was beautiful with an expansive view over the jungle, onto volcanic mounds and far away into the green horizon. It was very windy. Saneth (our driver) is a Buddhist which makes these places especially important to him. But for the children it was less interesting, and an argument flared up as we got into our van: Sunny never puts his trousers on his seat. Apple and Owl tread on them every time they get in. They are both wrong. A big slagging matched ensued. Beloved ended up calling Sunny a ‘wanker’. Not cool. They eventually stopped and fell asleep.

Three hours later we arrived in Kegalle. We are the only guests here. The ISIS terrorists in April have left the tourist trade in tatters. We were greeted with a foot massage and ginger tea. An aged worker took us about the estate and showed us all the different plants: passion fruit, bananas, coconut, tea, coffee, pepper, cinnamon, lemon tea, ginger,clove, rubber, jack fruit, mangos.....

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