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Day 198

Dear Chris

I had another dream of you.

You took me to a little island in Greece and we star-gazed.

I met another dog on site today - her name is Lola. She looks like of like a Pitbull but she's a cupcake. A muddy cupcake who dirtied my jeans and covered me in slobber while I made the biggest fuss over her.

This job is something great. I love how open it is. I swear we get visitors all the time because the site is so welcoming. I learnt that the site was only built 2 years ago. I know Southern Cranes & Access is older than that because the owner is so old and he has two sons working in the company too. It's so big now, it couldn't be just 2 years old. Plus I work with tackle certificates for plant and machinery older than that.

I know the owner has a farm in Pulborough (which he showed me and I was far more interested in the dogs and horses) so maybe the site was there - I saw plenty of MEWPs and one crane.

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