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Day 201

Dear Chris,

"I see the fire in your eyes
he says
the ocean is trapped in there
but I see the fire

This reminded me of your eyes this morning. And your face. And then your lips, and how lovely they are. Were. I don't know what they're like now.
I'm sure they're still lovely.

I always wished my lips were more like yours. Mine aren't big and soft and deeply coloured. I wish my eyes were like yours too, oh I always wished my eyes could look like yours ever since I first caught your eye back in 2013 in Classics class with Ed.

You know I saw him in Horsham park while walking chip only two months ago?

He asked how you were. Well - how 'we' were. I didn't bother correcting him of the sad reality and how we both made terrible mistakes and ended up the way we have in accordance to one another. I said you were fine. I smiled and said you were at work. He asked what you do now and I said you're an English teacher.

In reality I have literally no idea where are you, what you do, who you're with.
But it was fun to pretend like we hadn't ###### up.

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