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Day 203

Dear Chris,

So it's official! My brother has been stealing from me.

I woke up this morning and counted my jar and sure enough, another £20.00 was missing!

I showed mum my jar because I am so determined to prove to her I'm not just spending my own savings and then blaming dylan for stealing it-I'm not delusional.

She finally believed me. FINALLY. My brother is finally going to have to answer for shit he's done to me. I feel relieved that even though in total, dylan has stolen a sum of £140.00 from me, I'm NOT going mad. It IS him. And mum can't just ignore it now. She can't. She won't.

She's asked bruna to move out (finally) and dylan nearly went with her (too bad mum convinced him to stay). I'm stuck living with him still, but I'm allowed to put a lock on my door. Thank god. Finally. I asked for a damn lock for years when I was younger because dylan would steal the most random shit from my bedroom. Maybe because he knew it would bother me but I wouldn't be able to prove it, because, you know, he's the golden child.

Not this time bru. You're busted. Finally.

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