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Day 204

Dear Chris,

There's a new angel in heaven this morning, 11:10 a.m.

Thandi died. I took her on a final walk when mum told me she was going to have her put down today, I refused to let her go without one last trot of happiness and exploration through the Southwater Country Park.

She merrily said hello to everyone like she didn't have lymphoma.

Nobody knew every time they smiled at her and said hello, that they were meeting her for the first and last time.

I packed a bag full of treats for my girl and we headed off. Once at the surgery, I fed her all the treats she could manage. Thandi chomped happily away. The vet doing the job didn't mess around like some younger vets do, he really overdosed her. She went so quickly, surrounded by loving family. I wailed so hard.

I kissed my angel one last time and whispered in her ear that she was the greatest member of our family. 13 years I had her. I got her when I was 9/10. I grew up with her.

Seeing her lay on her bed, still, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Her body was there, but my Thandi wasn't.

I miss her terribly.

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