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Day 210

Dear Chris

I dreamt about you last night, again.

You kept running into me, or visa versa, in a library. It must have been a far away library because we both had to take the train to get there. I would see you there sometimes, we would lock our gazes just as we did back in Classical Civilization class in 2012.

It was so strange, but in this dream it was like I wasn't sure if my person, my character, was a ghost or present in the dream. Sometimes you saw me and paused yourself for a moment and your expression would soften. It would make my heart stop - it was so powerful I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in real life as I slept in my bed, too - and other times you would walk right past me as if I was nothing.

Is this my internal torturous struggle to understand my place? Am I a ghost? Do I matter? Is this real? Is this a dream?

I wish I knew you now. I wish we had met nowadays rather than back then. Maybe things would have been different -you know, meeting the right person at the wrong time?

Maybe that was us.

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